World Championship! – St. Louis – April 2017

The WiredCats first trip to a world championship was quite an experience! Being a new(er) team, there was lots to learn about getting our robot and our team from West Michigan to St. Louis. We figured it out, sometimes the hard way, and had a great experience!

WiredCats Pit: Daly, St. Louis 2017

In competition, we started strong, ranked as high as #3 on Daly. A highlight from day 1 was being on an alliance that was successful in competition against a popular cheesy snack food 🙂  We struggled with a couple technical challenges on day 2, and finished 19th on Daly. Unfortunately we were not selected for an alliance to move on. We are proud of our team, and also of our Kalamazoo-area friends, Stryke Force, that went on to win the championship!

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